Samurai Style of Sengoku Period

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[The Warring States Period: When Samurai Were the Coolest!]

The samurais had been ruled Japan for a long time.
Originally they were just the warriors who fought with a sword and a spear.
They eventually gained political power using thier force of arms.
Since then, not only physically strong samurais but also samurais who were highly capable as strategists and politicians started to play active roles.
The Sengoku (the Warring States) period is when many samurais were flourished.
Powerful regional lords called "Daimyo" scattered throughout Japan and fought each of them conflicted against others for supremacy.

[Overview of App Content]

- This app introduces you 36 samurai warlords who played important roles during the Sengoku period.
- The pictures of actual bronze statues of each samurai which stands throughout Japan.
- Images of each family crest are introduced with explanations.n.
- The pictures of "Umajirushi" (commander's battle standard) and "Kao" (written seal marks) are from the books written in the Edo period, owned by National Diet Library.
- The chronological table of battles is listed in the appendix.

All descriptions are provided in both English and Japanese for language learners.

The graphics in the movie may not be the same with the the app.